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2004 Honda Metropolitan $1000

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by kenr74, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. kenr74

    kenr74 Oregon Active Member

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    So you think you need a Harley do you? You can’t wait to buy that leather vest and half helmet so you can ride around doing that sort of kind of half wave thing to other riders while you hope to not fall off.

    Come on now, deep down inside you have longed to be seen rocking a scooter and now is your chance. Anybody can go buy a Harley but only real men will roll up to the bar on their very own scooter. Are you man enough?

    Laugh in the face of SUVs drivers as they are stopped at the gas station. Then find somewhere to hide because they will run you down and turn your new to you scooter into bits of recyclable material. This beauty gets right at 100mpg and can outrun most small children while doing so. With a max speed of mid to high 30’s(depending on how much mass you have) this little terror is sure to end your days of crying your way out of speeding tickets. No more “favors” for Officer Joe for you I say!!

    With 7,100 miles this little scooter is still running strong and ready for more adventures. Now is your chance to park in those tiny spaces between people that can’t comprehend what those white lines in parking lots are for.

    It comes with an Oregon title in my name. The previous owner laid it down in his gravel driveway and took an insurance payout to replace the fender and side panel so it had a branded Washington title at one time which is now noted on the Oregon title. So remember, no matter how badass you are slow down in gravel.

    There is storage under the seat for those beer runs or put small children in the attached highly stylish container. No milk crate for you! You will be rolling with a Rubbermaid container attached to the back of this beast.

    Half the price of a Vespa with twice the quality of any of those chinese junk machines. Hard to beat that.


    Video of this little thing out for a spin.

    Metropolitan movie.wmv - YouTube
  2. jimwsea

    jimwsea Vancouver, Washington state Active Member

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    100 mph? You mean 100 mpg.
  3. kenr74

    kenr74 Oregon Active Member

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    Are you doubting the massive power of this beast!!!:laugh:

    Fixed the ad. It might do 100mph in the back of my truck.

    No trades right now. Selling it for my wife. We used to live in town so it got lots of use but she isn't brave enough to take it out on the highway now that we have moved.
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