1. G

    Readily accessible while in vehicle definition

    I dont have a Conceal permit but I was wondering what Marion county, specifically the city of Salem, means when they say "readily accessible"? If my handgun is in a SnapSafe lockbox, locked, away from the key, but it's on my passenger seat, is this readily accessible? Just wondering if I can...
  2. CountryGent

    Revolver Recommendation for a Business Contact

    So, I ran into the gentlemen I've done business with for years now on land and leases. We bought our present property and acreage from him and I continue to lease a commercial facility for my office/workshop. He is not a "gun guy", though owns a couple full-size revolvers and a number of...
  3. Ralph Brickley

    Carrying Rifles in Cars

    Hello all, I searched some similar threads but didn't really see a nailed own answer to my question. I am a CHL holder and I carry every day. Got the down. However, I'm thinking about keeping some more 'power' nearby, such as keeping my AR in the trunk or back seat when I travel. I do a lot of...
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