A vacation or holiday is a leave of absence from a regular occupation, or a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. People often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or family.
A person may take a longer break from work, such as a sabbatical, gap year, or career break.
The concept of taking a vacation is a recent invention, and has developed through the last two centuries. Historically, the idea of travel for recreation was a luxury that only wealthy people could afford (see Grand Tour). In the Puritan culture of early America, taking a break from work for reasons other than weekly observance of the Sabbath was frowned upon. However, the modern concept of vacation was led by a later religious movement encouraging spiritual retreat and recreation. The notion of breaking from work periodically took root among the middle and working class.

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  1. Ironbar

    Last Minute Vacation Ideas?

    I need the help of the NWFA brain trust. My wife and I had too much going on early this year, and didn't plan a vacation for ourselves while our kid will be away at camp(s) this summer. Flying somewhere is probably out, but does anyone have a line on beach or mountain vacation rentals that...
  2. clearconscience

    GA family comes home from Vacation to find someone living in their home

    Georgia family members say they returned from vacation to find stranger living in home I would have kicked my own door down and put this idiot down.
  3. RicInOR

    Vacation Plans - Hawaii Bans Sun Screen

    Hawaii lawmakers pass bill banning sunscreens with chemicals that can harm coral reefs The chemicals in sun screens kill the reefs. You put it on, go swim in the ocean, kill it. Other places may introduce bans too - like Australia. Wear sun blocking clothing. Or, stay out of the waters.
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