The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15E Strike Eagle is an American all-weather multirole strike fighter derived from the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. The F-15E was designed in the 1980s for long-range, high speed interdiction without relying on escort or electronic-warfare aircraft. United States Air Force (USAF) F-15E Strike Eagles can be distinguished from other U.S. Eagle variants by darker aircraft camouflage and conformal fuel tanks mounted along the engine intake ramps (although CFTs can also be mounted on earlier F-15 variants).
The Strike Eagle has been deployed for military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, among others. During these operations the F-15E has carried out deep strikes against high-value targets, combat air patrols, and provided close air support for coalition troops. It has also been exported to several countries.

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    Vortex strike eagle 1-8X????

    The reviews I have seen for these are all over the place. Admittedly it looks like the reviews from those who do not like them, are, well not as experienced. It is going on a 6.8 spc build I plan on using for target and hunting. I generally also do not go cheap on mounts. The reticle looks nice...
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