Consumption is major concept in economics and is also studied by many other social sciences. Economists are particularly interested in the relationship between consumption and income, as modeled with the consumption function.
Different schools of economists define production and consumption differently. According to mainstream economists, only the final purchase of goods and services by individuals constitutes consumption, while other types of expenditure — in particular, fixed investment, intermediate consumption, and government spending — are placed in separate categories (See consumer choice). Other economists define consumption much more broadly, as the aggregate of all economic activity that does not entail the design, production and marketing of goods and services (e.g. the selection, adoption, use, disposal and recycling of goods and services).

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  1. Joe Link

    National  Gun Control Advocates Are Spending Big Money to Influence Midterms

    Gun Control Advocates Are Spending Big Money to Influence Midterms
  2. fxdc

    How are you spending the 3 days off?

    Myself I had a great 1st day shooting a uspsa match in Dundee . Day 2 Spent the 1st half in the gun room rearranging..... now gotta get both our bikes serviced change fluids etc etc for the trip over to Pendleton bike week . Then get the yard in order for a party. Tomorrow were throwing a...
  3. RicInOR

    National  Seniors - Your Gun Rights Are in Danger - Due to Spending Bill Just Signed

    Thanks to the Spending Bill the President Signed today, That means if you get Social Security and need help with the bills, you can loose your rights to posses a gun. by John Lott The Second Amendment rights of more than 4 million Americans are at risk thanks to Republicans in Congress
  4. Dave Workman

    ANTI-gunners spending big bucks on 45th Dist race..why?

    Washington State Senate race draws big anti-gun bucks A bare knuckles political race to fill an empty seat in the Washington State Senate – potentially shifting control from Republicans to Democrats – is drawing some big money from the gun prohibition lobby and essentially puts the lie to a...
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