Smoker is a noun derived from smoke and may have the following specialized meanings:
Someone who smokes tobacco or cannabis, cigarette substitutes, or various other drugs
Smoking (cooking), smoker, an apparatus for smoking (cooking technique)
Bee smoker, a tool used in beekeeping

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  1. Mister Bisley

    Grillin' & Chillin'

    Alright pitmaster's...It's pretty much summer and about time we fire up the grill and share those outdoor culinary masterpieces. Use this thread to post pics of your creations on the barbecue, share any grilling tips, recipes or any cool pics taken while chilling out in the backyard or park...
  2. ItsLunchBOX

    Just Bought a Smoker

    Well, my birthday is in a couple days and I bought myself a smoker. I think I got a decent deal, Cabela's seems to be having a sale on smokers right now. Anyone have any good recipes? This isn't my picture below but this is what I got. Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker. Send recipes my way...
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