Game or quarry is any animal hunted for sport or for food. The type and range of animals hunted for food varies in different parts of the world. In some countries, game is classified, including legal classification with respect to licences required, as either "small game" or "large game".

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  1. Koda

    Small Game diseases and risk

    Ive never been a small game hunter but my friend who owns a ranch wants me to come out an eradicate a rabbit problem. These are all wild rabbits, western Oregon. He killed one recently and mentioned it was clean of ticks and fleas and in great condition. The only thing Ive ever heard to do was...
  2. gesasky

    Small Game on the east side?

    I'm trying to hunt some small game over here but haven't been able to find much? Do I need to go over the mountain to find squirrels and rabbits?
  3. U

    9mm for small game?

    I am looking at a Ruger PCC9 as I shoot 9mm a lot and do not own a .22 anymore. Has anyone ever hunted small game with a 9mm and if so what kind of ammo should I be looking at?
  4. CountryGent

    Anyone making a .410-bore suppressor?

    I didn't want to derail @Captain O's thread as his more on the topic of a suppressed defense shotguns. My question is anyone making a current production .410-bore shotgun suppressor? That added to a single-shot, or bolt action, .410 would make a nice, quiet platform for the dispatching of...
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