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Radical 'related to roots', may refer to:
In chemistry:
A radical (chemistry) is an atom, molecule, or ion with unpaired valence electron(s), that is likely to take part in chemical reactions
In mathematics:
An nth root
A radical expression involving roots
The radical symbol (√), used to indicate the square root and other roots
Radical of an algebraic group, a concept in algebraic group theory
Radical of an ideal, an important concept in abstract algebra
Radical of a ring, an ideal of "bad" elements of a ring
Radical of a module, a component in the theory of structure and classification
Jacobson radical, consisting of those elements in a ring R that annihilate all simple right R-modules
Nilradical of a ring, a nilpotent ideal which is as large as possible
Nilradical of a Lie algebra, a nilpotent ideal which is as large as possible
Radical of an integer, in number theory, the product of the primes which divide an integer
Left (or right) radical of a bilinear form, the subspace of all vectors left (or right) orthogonal to every vector
Radical of a Lie algebra, a concept in Lie theory
In medicine:
Radical surgery, surgery carried out in which diseased tissue or lymph nodes are removed from a diseased organ
In linguistics:
In an inflected language such as English or Spanish, the radical verbs (also called 'radical-changing') are exceptions to the standard patterns of word change (e.g., to be is in most Indo European languages).
Root (linguistics), also called a "radical", the form of a word after any prefixes and suffixes are removed
Radical (Chinese character), part of a Chinese character under which it is indexed in a dictionary (also called bùshǒu 部首)
Radical, one of the three consonants in a Semitic root
Radical consonant, a consonant articulated with the root of the tongue
In politics:
Political radicalism
Radicalism (historical), the Radical Movement that began in late 18th century Britain and spread to continental Europe and Latin America in the 19th century
Radical left, another term for the far left
Radical right, another term for the far right
Radical center, an inclusive centrist philosophy advocating fundamental reform by pragmatic means
Radical Whigs, influential early writers on Radicalism
Radical Republicans, a member of an influential group of American politicians during the Civil War reconstruction
Radical Party, one of a number of political parties around the world
Radicals (UK), parliamentary progressives who were part of the nineteenth-century Liberal coalition
In religion:
Radical Reformation, an Anabaptist movement concurrent with the Protestant Reformation
Radical Islam
In books:
Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism, a 2013 autobiography by former Islamist Maajid Nawaz
Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream, 2010 Christian book
In culture:
Radical feminism, a current within feminism that focuses on patriarchy as a system of power
Radical veganism, a radical interpretation of veganism, usually combined with anarchism
Radical chic, a term coined by Tom Wolfe to describe the pretentious adoption of radical causes by celebrities, socialites, and high society
In architecture:
Radical Baroque, an architectural style characterized by the curvature of walls and intersection of oval spaces
In entertainment:
Radical (mixtape), a mixtape by the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA
"Radicals" (song), a song by Tyler, The Creator from his album Goblin
Free Radicals (band), a jazz-funk musical group from Houston, Texas
New Radicals, an American pop rock band from the 1990s
Radical (album), Smack's fourth studio album, released in 1988
Radical (film), an upcoming film
Brands, titles and proper names:
Radical Sportscars, an English sports car maker
Radical Entertainment, a video game developer based in Vancouver, Canada
Free Radical Design, a video game developer based in Nottingham, England
Free Radical Centre, a centre for free radical chemistry and biotechnology that was established in 2005

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