Priming may refer to:
Priming (agriculture), a form of seed planting preparation, in which seeds are soaked before planting
Priming (immunology), a process occurring when a specific antigen is presented to naive lymphocytes causing them to differentiate either into armed effector cells or into memory cells
Priming (media), a cognitive process in which media information increases temporarily the accessibility of knowledge units in the memory of an individual
Priming (microbiology), the effect that nutrients have on the rate of organic matter decomposition.
Priming (psychology), a process in which the processing of a target stimulus is aided or altered by the presentation of a previously presented stimulus
Priming (science), a process of cleaning and preparing equipment before experimentation
Priming (steam locomotive), a harmful condition in which water is carried over from the boiler of a steam locomotive
Priming (structural) in psycholinguistics, a form of positive priming that induces a tendency to repeat or more easily process a sentence that is similar in structure to one previously presented
Priming beta-ketosynthase in chemistry, a domain of polyketide synthases with a thiol group on a cysteine side-chain
The process by which a pump is filled with fluid and made able to operate
Priming the pump or economic stimulus, attempts to use monetary or fiscal policy to stimulate the economy
Priming sugar or glucose, a simple monosaccharide found in plants

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  1. DLS

    Question for Dillion users regarding priming system

    So, I have a new to me 550 and have just finished loading my first 250 rounds, what a joy this machine is! My question is this: Is there some ninja way to empty the primer magazine without pulling the assembly off the press? If there were only a few I guess you could cycle the press and pick...
  2. kato pup dog

    Adapting dillon priming sytems

    A while back I picked up an older used dillon rl450 that was missing the inner and outer priming tubes. After ridicule and harrassment from "in the know" dillon owners who seem to feel everyone needs to do as they say, I adapted what I have. Rather than buy a new priming system, or buy a bunch...
  3. snarlingdog

    What priming tool do you use?

    I have a Lee priming tool that I used and it's ok but after a few hundred cases and it's not that comfortable while sitting watching tv. So my question what do you use to prime your cases? I have seen the RCBS tools hornadys, lyman, which one is going to last? This is the tool I have
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