Price Check is a 2012 comedy film about the high price of a middle-class life. The film was written and directed by Michael Walker, and stars Parker Posey and Eric Mabius.

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  1. C

    Detonics Combat Master Price Check

    I bought this Seattle marked Detonics Combat Master back in 2010-ish when they were still fairly available. I was able to find spare grips (original and a set of Hogue grips that were modified to fit), extra bushings and screws, back strap, and a second magazine that was blued (the one marked 45...
  2. R

    Price check please, Rem. 700 .308

    Want to sell, can someone help with a price please ? Remington 700 308, BDL ? SPS ? Black on black, 24" barrel, hinged floorplate, scope base, less than 150rds fired. Purchased new at an estate sale several years ago. What's a fair asking price ? Thank you.
  3. Colt Carbine

    Unprocessed brass - Price check

    I have some unprocessed brass that I'd like to get rid of. Looking for a price check on the following calibers; various headstamps 9mm per 1000 38 special per 100 some nickel cases mixed in 380 per 100 357 mag per 100 40 S&W per 100 308 per 100 I appreciate your assistance, thank you in advance.
  4. Art_Vandelay

    Price Check - Sig Sauer P230SL

    Hey All: I'm on the fence about keeping this beauty. It's a pretty gun in great shape with the factory paperwork, manuals, etc. I just never shoot it, and have many other practical guns that I carry. Thoughts on ballpark value? I'm seeing anywhere from $600 to over $1k on GB. Who knows what...
  5. _Mule

    Rem 700 375 H&H Price Check please

    I'm looking to sell my Remington 700 375 H&H. I have about 30 factory rounds. 40 brass pieces, dies, 50 projectiles. It has a nice Leopold scope. I'm not sure what its worth. Any recommendations or offers?
  6. Nwcid

    .410 price check

    I have about 400 rounds of "3, #8 shot, mostly import that I am looking to sell. Sold my .410 a long time ago. I have no idea how to price this. Can anyone give some insight on appropriate pricing.
  7. Dakotapi3rc3

    Suomi m31 price check please

    Hello friends, I have an unfired TNW suomi m31 I've been thinking about selling. What is this worth? 1 drum 1 stick. Best gun but very heavy. Cool to look at. Sorry if wrong section, I'm not selling yet. But putting feelers out. Random pic off the web to show what I'm talking about.
  8. Diamondback

    Talk me off the ledge... $380 Eotech 552 from a blacklisted vendor

    I've started looking for an Eotech to put on the C8, and now find myself at a dilemma. $378 plus tax is just within my budget's reach... problem is, it's from Sportsman's Guide, who y'all might recall for their mag and ammo gouging in the Panic of '09. Anybody out there know of anybody...
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