Postal may refer to:
The Italian name for Burgstall, South Tyrol in northern Italy
Paul Postal (born 1936), American linguist
Postal (video game series), a series of computer games launched in 1997
Postal (video game), first entry in the series
Postal (film), a 2007 Uwe Boll-directed film based on the Postal computer game

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  1. G

    Scam alert...taking to Postal Inspectors

    Advertising hand gun online resulted in a whole bunch of single line inquiries. Most said "Is the gun still for sale?" At my reply never hear anything. Now have in hand a check for $1340.00 dollars to pay for gun and shipping. By the way gun is posted at $400.00. Pretty sure if I deposit this...
  2. Frank RW

    Postal Competitions: Rifle Pistol Shotgun Archery Airgun - Net Competitor

    "Our goal is to make it affordable and fun to shoot YOUR match anytime you want to. Enter a few times or all 12 months, but the more compete the more you can win and it's only $3 per person per match to join!" Net Competitor - A competitive and social environment for athletes of the shooting...
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