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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Pdx man makes pool for homeless then stabbed to death

  2. RicInOR

    National  No One Really Needs to Have a Pool in Their Yard

    No One Really Needs to Have a Pool in Their Yard - The Truth About Guns via Mas Ayoob source: Pool Control – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
  3. User 1234

    Cost of removing a pool?

    There is a house for sale which I would like to see, and potentially place an offer on. No HOA, nice grass yard, etc. It does however have a pool, and in addition to us having two young kids I don’t want the maintenance expense or time consumption. Has anyone ever had an in ground pool...
  4. Gene Rojas

    Taking a dive off the deep end of the reloading pool

    I just bought a Dillon 650 XL reloader- mainly because I live in Kommiefornia and I don't want to make Sacramento liberals richer in 2018 whn I buy ammo. I bought the press with a .223 Remington conversion kit installed- I also plan to reload .308 and 9mm. I know there are more precise reloaders...
  5. fredball

    This is what a pool party should look like!!!

    Dogs Have Time of Their Lives at Puppy Pool Party
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