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  1. MrCaprioni

    CZ P07

    I just need some help. What is a price you would buy one of these at with no box, just the gun, 2 mags, and upgraded night sights Help
  2. Glock10MM

    CZ P07

    I traded one of my basically new glock 26's for a like new cz p07 yesterday, the night sights are super dim, not sure if thats normal, and so far one of my main questions with the pistol is whether to carry it with the hammer half cocked or sitting all the way down, im new to the da/sa thing...
  3. snarlingdog

    Cz p07? Any one carry one?

    I regularly carry a Glock 23 in a blade tech holster at the 3 o'clock position. I have been thinking about switching to 9mm and I like the idea of a hammered edc gun. So the cz p07 is kinda where I'm at. So I'm curious what peoples experience with it is.
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