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An Introduction to ..... is a 1994 compilation album by Roy Harper.

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  1. The Stone


    Hello all; It's about time. out it off long enough. I'm just a guy that likes guns.
  2. P

    Hello from Washington

    Been a lurker for few years and decided to create an account. I lived in PNW past 12 years and I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon, love this area. I don't think I'll be posting much but I figure I would at least introduce myself!
  3. NC2112

    The new nerd on the block

    Howdy, guys! Posting my little intro piece to satisfy the website constantly nagging me about it, but it could be fun, aye? I'm based out of the Eugene area. I frequent the stores around here and like to pick up the interesting and unique firearms that pop up from time to time. My collection...
  4. T

    Hello from Hillsboro

    Hello to all. I found this forum because I did a Google search for "gunsmithing" and there was a link to a post here. After reading a bit in that thread I decided to join. I live in Hillsboro. I'm interested in getting better at shooting my Sig Sauer 9mm and also finding a good place to...
  5. clevy

    New - ish member re-intro

    Hey Folks I signed up a while ago, but I’m getting reacquainted since completing defensive hangin courses and becoming more familiar with my own equipment and what else I may want to add to my toolset. Thanks for listening and thanks for those that offer time and support for questions.
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