A harness is a looped restraint or support. Specifically, it may refer to one of the following harness types:
Bondage harness
Child harness
Climbing harness
Dog harness
Five-point harness
Horse harness
Parrot harness
Safety harness
Windsurfing harness
The backpack straps of a breathing apparatus
Harness may also refer to:
Cable harness
Harness (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics universe
Plate armour
Test harness, in software testing
Harness racing, horse racing
Loom harness, a component of a loom
Harness, a type of clinch in grappling

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  1. Vaultman

    FHF Bino Harness

    Anyone us one of these bino harness'. Not just the strap but with the case that sits in your chest, to keep rain off. I have looked at the FHF Bino Harness and though they seem very well made and nice I cannot seem to get myself to part with more than a Benjamin for this. I am ALL about quality...
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