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George Eld (died 1624) was a London printer of the Jacobean era, who produced important works of English Renaissance drama and literature, including key texts by William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe, and Thomas Middleton.
Eld was the son of a carpenter from Derbyshire. He served an eight-year apprenticeship to bookseller Robert Bolton, starting in 1592, and became a "freeman" (a full member) of the Stationers Company on 13 January 1600. He established himself in his own printing business in 1604, at the sign of the White Horse in Fleet Lane, by marrying the widow of not one but two master printers. His shop featured two or perhaps three presses, and four compositors – a substantial operation for the time. Eld entered into a partnership with Miles Fletcher in 1617; Fletcher took over the business once Eld died of plague in 1624.

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  1. pharmseller

    Tikka Superlite .223 success with 75 grain ELD Match

    I’ve been searching for quite some time for a better load for my 1-8” Tikka Superlite .223. My go-to load, named Pest Control, features a 50 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint at 3400 fps at the muzzle. Scary accurate! The problem is the ballistic coefficient. At just .238 this bullet drifts...
  2. W

    308 168g ELD Match Load

    Does anyone have a good load developed for the ELD Match 168 for a 308? Or anyone have the new Horandy book with the data that i could start with. I have some Varget powder and some 4895. thanks in advance
  3. Oregon13

    Hornady ELD 73gr .224

    Hi everyone, I picked up a box of the Hornady ELD match 73gr .224" bullets the other day. I am planning to load them for my AR, and would like to keep them magazine length. I didn't think about the added length of the tipped bullet when I bought them. I was messing around with the overall...
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