Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies, also simply ELCAN (Ernest Leitz CANada), is a Canadian optics and electronics manufacturing company owned by American defense contractor Raytheon, currently based in Midland, Ontario. ELCAN produces optical devices geared towards both civilian and military markets, and their products are sold through Armament Technology Inc. based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and associated channel of dealers.

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  1. dirtyd

    SBR Optic: ACOG/Eotech/Browe/Elcan?

    Have been bouncing around a few optics in my mind for a new SBR build. Being: 1. ACOG TA02 w/rmr 2. Eotech EXPS3-2 w/magnifier 3. Browe Combat Optic 4. Elcan 1/4x Any options from those here that have tried some of these? I'm mostly looking for personal experience with the Elcans, I've owned an...
  2. PuddleMonkey

    Anyone run a Elcan SpecterDR?

    I'm in the process of convincing myself I can't live without it. They're ugly, heavy, expensive, but that reticle
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