The Plain Dealer is the major newspaper of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. In fall 2019, it ranked 23rd in U.S. newspaper circulation, a significant drop since March 2013, when its circulation ranked 17th daily and 15th on Sunday.As of May 2019, The Plain Dealer had 94,838 daily readers and 171,404 readers on Sunday. The Plain Dealer's media market, the Cleveland-Akron Designated Market Area, has a population of 3.8 million people, making it the 19th-largest market in the United States.In August 2013, The Plain Dealer reduced home delivery to four days a week, including Sunday. A daily version of The Plain Dealer is available electronically as well as in print at stores, newsracks and newsstands.

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    Up close Violent Police vs Drug Dealer Gun battle video: Glock 22 vs Ruger 93

    This video was captured by the police officer's body cam. In it, you can clearly see the fleeing drug dealer and murder suspect turn towards the officer, as he raises his stolen Ruger 93 in the direction of the officer. The officer then proceeds to fire seven shots of 40 S&W from this Glock...
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    Help to find honest used gun dealer

    I'm in the middle of moving to the coast and I'm having mechanical problems. Bottom line I need to sell something I'm in the Eugene area where can I sell my hunting rifle. Is there any used gun dealers in the area, can somebody help
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