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  1. ron

    Highpower Rifle Clinic Jan. 26 @ Estacada

    Want to learn to shoot an AR? Clinic matches are coached shooting for new shooters. They have rifles to loan and ammo for Juniors. Learn to shoot standing, sitting and prone. Carl Haggland is the contact person and State Director. Contact info on page 3. You can PM me any questions...
  2. HuckleberryFun

    Creedmoor Hardback Coat

    My Creedmoor Hardback Coat for Highpower rifle competition arrived today. These babies go for almost $400 new once you add extras. I got mine very lightly used for $200. Hope to see those scores go up, especially for standing. Now I'll have to find other excuses for bad performance...
  3. HuckleberryFun

    NRA Highpower Classification Card

    My NRA Highpower classification card arrived in the mail today. I'm now official. Just a lowly Marksman, but officially lowly. :)
  4. HuckleberryFun

    Excuse Library for CMP & Highpower

    I ran across this on the Garand Thumb blog and laughed. I thought you'd enjoy it too. Excuse Library Excuses for messing up in a CMP Service Rifle match (works for Highpower too): Bad ammo. Someone must have cross fired. Wallet in wrong pocket for sitting position. Line officer telling...
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