AutoMag, originally spelled Auto Mag, can refer to one of a series of semi-automatic pistols developed by Harry Sanford and later produced by a variety of firms, including made by Arcadia Machine and Tool (AMT):
AutoMag (pistol), .44 Automag semi-automatic pistol
and subsequently:
AMT AutoMag II, .22 Magnum semi-automatic pistol
AMT AutoMag III, .30 Carbine semi-automatic pistol
AMT AutoMag IV, .45 Winchester Magnum semi-automatic pistol
AMT AutoMag V, .50 Action Express Magnum semi-automatic pistol

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  1. CountryGent

    Return of the AutoMag

    It looks like they are bringing back the AutoMag pistol in .44 AMP and later other calibers. At the $3,499 price point I can't say I'm all that interested, but it is a neat development. It might just make someone's day. Just thought I'd pass it along. Cheers.
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