I did a ladder test yesterday (25-yds, sandbags, 9mm 115gr Barnes, Tanfoglio Witness Match) with new-to-me Alliant Sport Pistol powder.

My best group was with 3.8 grains. I'd like to go lighter to see if they tighten up any, but am finding it tough to find data online.

Do any of you have a reliable minimum charge for this powder/bullet weight? Thanks~!


Brian Enos's Forum has quite a bit of information on load data and actual experience. I'm curious as to why you're using 115 grain projectiles instead of heavier to get low recoil. Most looking for "bunny fart" loads go to 135 or 147 grain bullets. My 147 grain loads give more of a push than muzzle rise and that's with a 135PF.
Thanks for your reply!
I'm using 115gr bullets just because that's what I have right now. Once I've used up my supply I'll give some heavier bullets a try.


Sport Pistol is the powder I’ve been using the last couple years for 9mm plinking loads after picking up an 8 pound jug based on good feedback from others.

I haven’t loaded any 115 grain bullets with it. My range loads for plinking steel/punching paper have been 125 grain coated lead, and 147 grain coated lead, and plated bullets. Haven’t tried it with any jacketed bullets yet. In a variety of 9mm handguns, and my Ruger PCC it has worked well for me.

Lightest charge I have tried was 3.6 grains with 125 grain bullet, and 3.25 grains with 147 grain bullet. My notes say with the 147 grain bullet, it didn’t cycle reliably/lock slide back on last round in my CZ ..P10c and the low end charge of 3.25-3.3 grains. I don’t recall any issues at 3.6 grains with the 125 grain bullets.

I seem to get the best accuracy with 3.5-3.6 grains in the 147 grain bullet, and 3.9-4.0 grains for the 125 grain bullets.

As you have probably seen, published load data from Alliant lists a 4.7-5 grain maximum charge for this powder with several different 115 grain projectiles, and recommends starting 10% below max and working up. If your interested in loading lower charges, I’d give Alliant a call and ask their experience.

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