200 gr

The .38/200 (or 9×20mmR) was a British military revolver cartridge identical to Smith & Wesson's .38 S&W cartridge but with specific loadings for military service.
The .38 S&W was modified for use by the British military and called the .38/200 (also known as 380/200 Revolver Mk I) in 1922 for .38 caliber pistols and revolvers (such as the Enfield No. 2 Mk I and Webley Mk IV) which replaced the larger .455 and .476 inch handguns. The .38/200 cartridge was initially issued to British military forces as the .380/200 Revolver Mk I round. British authorities later issued a different .38 S&W military cartridge with a lighter, 178–180-grain (12 g) jacketed bullet, known as the .380 Revolver Mk IIz.

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  1. oremike

    200 gr or 180 gr bullet in a 300 Win Mag

    I'm leaning towards the Serria 220 gr RN bullet as a good all around Western Oregon hunting bullet. I see on the internet the Nosler Partion is highly thought of as well so my question is what's better the 200's at just under 3000 fps or the 180's at just over 3000 fps?
  2. D

    Need load data, .45 ACP 200 gr. coated RN

    As stated, I'm looking for load data for the Missouri Bullet Co. 200 gr. Hy-Tek coated round nose bullet, they call it the Odd Ball. Everything I can find in that weight is either SWC or jacketed, and I've already gotten a lesson in "not all xx bullets are the same". Powder's I have on hand...
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