You will hav to be the judge.

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    I found this writing on the blog
    It is by a former LEO about goings on with law enforcement weapons and training; and who's paying for it.
    the article is near the bottom of the page. | Thoughts on Survival and the World Today
    The Coming Civil Unrest

    by Grayfox 114

    Recently MSO News correspondent Valerie posted a link regarding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and their preparations for expected “civil unrest” during the coming presidential elections. The article indicated that DHS was looking for equipment to outfit approximately 150 officers. While this article is a little shocking, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that closely follows the news, at least alternative news. As this was not “new news” to me, I posted on her site telling her this, and mentioning a post I sent a month or so ago regarding information I had on “expected civil uprisings” this summer. I then received a post from Rourke inviting me to do a post, and this is it.
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    So don't go running around in the street throwing rocks through bank windows and just sit at home watching the morons on TV.
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    Like we do every night? Yeah, that'll show 'em!

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