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    NEW: Law of Self Defense Online Training: Oregon
    Oregon-specific, online, on-demand, and 50% discount for YOU!
    "You carry a gun so you're hard to kill. Know the law so you're hard to convict."

    It's finally here! The Law of Self Defense Online Training for the state of Oregon.

    Like all our online training, this Oregon-specific course covers the same ~4 hours of state-specific self-defense law as does our live, in-person Law of Self Defense Seminar--and MORE! We've added additional content we don't have time for in the live seminar, over an extra hour's worth of vital content:

    Online Training Course Syllabus
    Introduction (~25 minutes)
    Laws & Legal Principles (~45 minutes)
    Innocence (~25 minutes)
    Imminence (~30 minutes)
    Proportionality (~45 minutes)
    Avoidance (~25 minutes)
    Reasonableness (~30 minutes)
    Defense of Others (~10 minutes)
    Defense of Property (~20 minutes)
    Consciousness of Guilt (~5 minutes)
    Self-defense Immunity (~25 minutes)
    Talking with the Police (~20 minutes)
    Building a Legally-sound Self-defense Strategy (~25 minutes)
    Was It Worth It? (~5 minutes)

    Total time: ~5 1/2 hours

    We also include a downloadable PDF compilation listing every Oregon statute, jury instruction, and court decision referenced in the class, and hyperlinks back to their full-text versions at the Law of Self Defense web site.

    And we include optional on-line quizzes you can take to self-test your knowledge.

    Best of all, we price the online training at $99 per HOUSEHOLD license, so you're free to share your access with anyone in your household.

    And FOR ONE WEEK ONLY we are offering our existing customers in Oregon the opportunity to access this just-launched online training class for 50% OFF.

    Simply use the discount code OREGON at checkout, and the price is cut in half.

    But this coupon EXPIRES ON JUNE 14, one week from today, so don't wait!

    Purchase your 50% discounted Law of Self Defense Online Training: Oregon today!

    At that same link above you can also learn more details about the online training, as well as watch the introductory section training for FREE!

    I'm happy to report that I'll be giving a live, in-person Law of Self Defense Seminar in Portland OR on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

    This seminar will cover BOTH Oregon AND Washington self-defense law.

    The current early registration fee for this seminar is just $99. As always, seating is limited.

    Click here for more details and to register.

    NOTE: If you have previously attended a Law of Self Defense Seminar you can register for a second seminar as a "refresher" course for half-price. Simply contact me for details.

    OK, that's it for now, Larry. Stay safe. Be prepared. Know the law

    –-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

    "You carry a gun so you're hard to kill. Know the law so you're hard to convict."
    Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition,” available at the Law of Self Defense blog and (paperback and Kindle), the NRA Store, Gun Digest, and elsewhere. He holds many state-specific Law of Self Defense Seminars around the country, as well as online, on-demand training for many states, and produces a series of Law of Self Defense Videocasts and Podcasts available on iTunes, Stitcher, and RSS).

    Copyright © 2015
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    I saw the title which specified "YOU Might be interested" I thought to myself, yeah right. But imagine my surprise when I clicked and it started "Dear Larry"

    How did they know my name?

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    Hey, thanks for the kind mention, unexpected but much appreciated. :)

    --Andrew, @LawSelfDefense
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    It's possible you were named after me.
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    I took one of these courses (Still waiting for him to present one in Washington...;)). It is an excellent course, and one highly recommended for anyone who would consider or is using a firearm for personal defense. I cover much of this vitally important material in my women's firearm safety courses, and give his book, The Law of Self Defense, out as a gift to the student who scores the highest on the quiz at the end of class. (I give it out so that my ladies take it home and give it to the males in their lives, as most of the time, women aren't the ones who have issues with bravado, egos, losing their tempers, etc. ( I do acknowledge there are exceptions, such as it appears this example is.o_O)

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