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Tactically unsound and unwise.

You are outnumbered and could be surrounded / blocked in from getting back into your truck.
Do not go there.
Not to forget to mention that when out of your truck and getting gas , the group is now in "your personal space" , way too easy to get stabbed that way.

While what the group did was wrong...and the truck owner has a "right" to be there / get gas there...
The risk for things to go bad , is too huge , for me , at least , for any "win" or gain or for me to have gotten gas there.

With that said...
I am not sure of what a actual , as in practical , where I don't go to jail solution would be.
All I do know is that I am tired of some folks , doing as they wish without any consequences.
( Or so it seems )
I know I'm not the only one but, I'm sick to the brim with this stupid crap! The minute they impeded that consumers freedom to move about in this country, they should have been forcibly removed from location! Their peaceful demonstration, was out the window!:mad:

It is gut punching, spleen splitting, kidney kicking time in 'Merica!:s0160:
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