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Writing senators, thanking them for their support.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Flash, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Flash

    Flash Vancouver Member

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    The Anti-gun groups are circulating a list of senators to vote out that support the 2nd Amendment. They are asking their supporters to apply pressure on these people and to vote them out.
    I will be writing them, showing my appreciation and ask for continued support. I will also let them know that I will be watching how everyone votes and making a list that I will circulate nation wide to vote out all anti-2nd amendment senators that don't support our gun rights. I think these senators need to hear from as many as possible because the anti-gun groups will be putting the pressure on them and the ones in this list that are running for re election will be met with many negative ads. We got to take care of the senators that see things the way we do.

    • Sen. Mark Begich, D- Alaska
    • Sen. Mark Pryor, D- Ark.
    • Sen. Kay Hagan, D- N.C.
    • Sen. Mary Landrieu, D- La.
    • Sen. Max Baucus, D- Montana
    • Sen. Susan Collins R-Maine
    • Sen. Mark Kirk R- Illinois
    • Sen. Tom Coburn R-Oklahoma

    At election time, I will be using the 2nd Amendment as a primary test of qualifications for the position. If they don't support the 2nd Amendment they will not get a second look from me. Then I will consider other qualifications for the position. Until we start getting serous about our 2nd Amendment we will be repeating that bull ----- every time we turn around. All Senators/Federal employees need to be supporters of the 2nd Amendment!!! Remember bill voting will be soon.
  2. rocky3

    rocky3 oregon coast Active Member

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    I e mailed each of them and gave a brief thank you for their vote. Now we must find a new senator to replace Jeff merkley.
  3. SOrez

    SOrez SOR Active Member

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    It is to bad New York senator wyden and merkley are elected by the peoples republic of portland.
  4. no time

    no time Roseburg area Active Member

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    I emailed Wyden and Merkley to tell them of my views on the current legislation.
    The reply from Wyden has me so mad I could spit lightning.
    I will do all I can to defeat him at the next election.
    I'm waiting on Merkley's response.
  5. ARKLITE881South

    ARKLITE881South USA Well-Known Member

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    I'm sure the reply will be the same form reply, that tactfully dodges the real question, will you , YES or NO support the 2nd amendment rights of Oregonians,and this NATION? PERIOD.
  6. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    I'm sure it will be the same form letter. He hasn't sent anything different.

    His letter makes me angry everytime I read it.
  7. tiggers97

    tiggers97 United States Well-Known Member

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    Just saw another article about today's push on moderate senators. Looks like you can add:

    Senator Heidi Heitkamp, D-North Dakota
    Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va
    Joe Donnelly, D-Ind. (he said "yes" to background checks, so Bloomberg pulled ads from his state)

    There are also a hand-full of republicans in moderate states that are also getting pressure. I'll see if I can find their names as well.
    "Also targeted by Bloomberg's ads are 10 Republicans, including Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, home of ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely wounded in a mass shooting; the retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia; and moderate Sen. Susan Collins of Maine"

    I guess the good thing is that, with the senate out for another week, we have time to turn the tide back from anything done today.