Winchester Model 94 (1940 vintage) stock repair

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by cpy911, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I have my Grandfather's 1940 Model 94 Winchester that has seen better days. Bluing is gone, barrel is not a mirror and the stock has damage around the wrist area. However, she still shoots and works fine with a smooth, smooth action. I was inspired by some other guys posting about the Winchester 94s and pulled it back out to look her over...and remembered the stock issue.

    The rifle, S/N puts it in 1940 year of manufacture. (Guess Winchester was not busy making Garands and Carbines yet)

    Below is the damage to the stock.

    I would like to have it professionally repaired, but don't want to pay more than what the rifle is worth. (In other words, not willing to invest a whole lot in this, I have other stuff to shoot.)

    I don't want to replace the stock as I want to keep it in its vintage form. If I try to repair it myself, it may end up as a bubba job. So, not to excited to try this. Anyone around who does these types of repairs and any idea on ball park costs???

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    Just order a new stock and keep this one in original condition :twocents: New stocks unfinished can be had for $80 or so . . .
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    The job isn't that diffucult to do.
    Identify the wood. It looks like walnit to me.
    To fix the crack - Use a dremel with a rounded bit a slowly grind out the crack until you can not see anymore cracking. Be sure to use a magnifiying glass and good bright light when working the area. Also be sure to wear a filter mask as walnut dust is nasty stuff to breath.
    Get a piece of walnut and sand down a pile of dust. mix with a good non expanding glue to make your own wood filler, and press into the grove. You should overfill the grove as you can sand the fit later.

    For the piece that is broken away - rough shape a piece a bit oversized and then very careful with a small paring chisel clean and smooth the broken area of the stock to get a smooht surface. Glue the rough piece into place used band clamps to keep it tight when drying. Sand to fit and use danish oil to stain, get as close as yu can to orginal color..

    For the metal spray it with Breakfree let it soak in for several hours, wipe it off, spray it again and let it soak in.
    Give it a final wip and the metal will be protected. Repeated as need.

    It is a bit of a job. But with time, caution and care you can repair it and you apperciate it even more. I know I have on the guns I have repaired or rebuilt.
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    Whether you repair it or not, I would order a set of replacement stocks from Treebone Carving just in case you need them someday. Treebone makes replacement stocks for pre-war '94's and other rifles and the quality is amazing:

    Winchester Lever Action stocks

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