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I haven't seen 231 in Bi-Mart in a very long time. If they could get it they would carry it, because they have in the pass. As for now I haven't seen 231 anywhere, even when looking on line. Good luck finding some.
I reload .380, .38 special, .357 and 45acp. 231 looks like a good general powder that I can use for all of my handgun reloads. I'm trying to reduce the number of different powders that I stock.
I used to always use 231 for my pistol loads but started using Universal and really like it, but anyway it's on the shelf at Newberg, Mcminnville and Monmouth Bi-marts.:s0155:
For those of you who know and those that don't. There are still some aspects of the great "obama powder, primer and ammunition" shortage going on. HP-38 and winchester 231 are both affected by this. I have been trying to get bulk drums of HP-38 (which is usually marked when it comes from St Marks as W231) and have found it nearly impossible. It seems things are starting to ease considerably, but we arn't out of the woods yet.

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