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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by magnum, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Late last year I traded another member for a 1908-10 winchester model 1890 in 22long. I haven't been able to find any local supplier of 22 long. Until now. I saw on the web that winchester and cci both still catalog 22 longs. I was at the cresswell bi-mart looking for some 22lr for another gun when I asked the very nice guy at the gun counter, if the might possibly have any 22 long. He said no, but he could order it for me. I had him order 2 100 round boxs of cci 22 long 29gr (710 fps-whoa!). 3 days later (today), he called me to come get my ammo:D. When I picked up the 22 long from him, he said that he could order it anytime and as much as I wanted. 2 things: 1, I'm very excited to be able to shoot a vintage gun I've had for over 6 months and 2, kudos for the guy at bi-mart for special ordering me my 22 long ammo:D:D.
    I will post a range report next week as I'm going shooting in the portland area on monday.
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    Cool. I wonder if they would also order .22 wrf for my 1890...
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    22 longs, as you found out, are still available. .22 WRF's can be found, and it has been the case that Winchester does a run of these every 5 years or so because so many serviceable rifles are still out there.

    Interesting application for 22 WRF: They can be loaded and safely (and accurately) fired in a .22 Magnum. They are of that case/bullet diameter. This is an excellent application for a "reduced load" in the .22 Magnum. They may not feed or cycle in an automatic, but for other guns they work just fine.

    I keep a few boxes around, so if you get desperate in your search for WRF, PM me and I can send you a box, just to know another Model 90 is out there working.

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