Why am I not buying blue guns anymore?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by browntown, Feb 12, 2009.

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    As much as I can appreciate blued steel and walnut, I seem to be buying more non-blued guns (stainless and nickel) lately. Today I bought the #1 most wanted on my list of guns to buy, a s&w 940 (9mm centennial) from forum member justjim. Unfortunately I have to sell the nickel 36 to finance the purchase, but for a couple days I can have both. So after cleaning the new purchase, I took a pic alongside my 66-1 (most balanced, easy to shoot centerfire handgun I've ever owned), and beretta 92fs brigadier.

    Gotta start buying blue guns now to even out the collection.:laugh:
  2. Sun195

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    It doesn't seem like there are a lot of true blue guns anymore to buy. Many are stainless or have some kind of coating/finnish on them.
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    Though the pieces I have now (alloy, parkerized, and whatever it is that Glock uses that's about as tough as diamonds, Tenifer) are great at corrosion resistance, I still appreciate that gorgeous wet gloss blue-black that Colt and S&W used to produce in the 50's and 60's.
    There have been some Gold Cup .45's that were just amazing looking, too.

    I saw a nice Cobra .38 I had develop some rust from prolonged close carry, so the new finishes do have their place as far as being practical- but will remain fond of the blue!

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