Where in the world is Bill Clark?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by civilian75, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Ok, I tried social networking, White pages, etc. but there are way too many Bill Clarks out there, or there is just not enough information to contact you. I even posted a WTB add several months ago. No bites.

    I am trying to re-connect with a Bill Clark, retired about 5-7 years ago from a major electronics company, last job as a CQE. IIRC, a vet, maybe a 'Nam vet? At the time you lived in the greater Portland area. You moved to the Coos Bay area upon retirement, while for some time (don't know how long) you kept your Hillsboro property (Jones Farms area) unoccupied.

    Who is it who wants to reconnect? I worked for same employer, was in your retirement party at the Thai restaurant. At the time you did not know me as a firearms enthusiast. You invited me several times to attend guns shows in the area, to which I, politely, declined. This happened during a 2-3 month period while I covered for someone else's sabbatical.

    Please, PM me if you think you are the Bill Clark I am looking for.

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