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Answered What's the preferred method/place for "post-upgrade" feedback, questions, and bug reports?


I see we've got a "Questions & Help" section and a "Technical Issues" section. There's also the "V4 Feedback" thread in the announcements section...which I've been actively posting to as well.

I'm just wondering if the staff has a preferred way that they'd like to get all of the "post-upgrade" things addressed? Do we continue to use that feedback thread for general feedback, post questions here in the questions section, and post "bugs" in the Technical Issues section (and how do we know if it's a bug, or just a feature? :p ), or is there some other method to the madness?

I know there was a pop-up that came up when I first logged in, but I've not seen it again and I probably dismissed it without reading or fully comprehending it. Perhaps putting up a banner for the next week or so outlining to everyone what/where/how to react, report, or request information associated with this upgrade?

I feel sorry for the staff for the amount of work they'll be doing in the next few weeks to keep the mob satisfied... :eek:

Joe Link

The V4 feedback thread is for opinions/feedback.
Question and help is for questions and help regarding how to do something, use a feature, etc.
Technical issues is for bugs and issues people believe to be of a technical nature, the way things are functioning, displaying, etc.

Thanks for asking :)



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