Whatcha doin' with those airguns today?


Well, I got my 1st air gun today. It is a Crosman Diamondback SBD NP Elite .22. The initiative was to try to take care of a bit of a rat problem we have in the backyard. Being in a suburban neighborhood I needed something more discrete than a 22lr (and the wife said no to a silencer).

I ended up throwing an Olight I had in the closet on it so I can work at night. Worked out pretty well actually. The slots on the rifle are just decorative and not actually M-Lok, but with some slight modification to a short piece of rail I was able to get it attached without modification to the gun. IMG_20201129_223822.jpg IMG_20201129_223831.jpg

So far my thoughts are that the gun is heavy! I am slow, and the rats are fast. They bug out as soon as I hit them with the light, and I can't track a little rat fast enough to get a good shot. A nice light 22lr sure would be a better tool for this, but not in my neighborhood.
So far my thoughts are that the gun is heavy! I am slow, and the rats are fast. They bug out as soon as I hit them with the light, and I can't track a little rat fast enough to get a good shot.
BiMart sells these battery powered motion lights that pick up rats when mounted low to the ground. Build a pellet trap and bait in front of it and the rats will linger just enough in the light you wont ever need a WML.
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I have spent many years accumulating airguns.

I have no modern spring-air airguns. And none are match capable, but within my yard they hit much of what I need them to. I haven't shot them, or even seen many of them for years. Mostly there are just a couple relegated to puncturing aerosol cans before I dispose of them.

This has become my most used airgun.


I have some that are more special than others, to me.

King. The predecessor to Daisy.


An old post-war Crosman Mod 112, C02, with external tank.
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@WAYNO ,I have a Daisy No 101 Model 36 that's nearly identical to your King. I bought it years ago as a gift for Dad. He let me use up and destroy his 500 shooter from his childhood. (dumb bubblegum kid....) I haven't shot it yet, but it sounds like it has a lot more "poop" than our Red Ryders.


With apologies to Sesame Street,
Coupla these things are just like the other:


Crosman Model 113, .177 caliber. (with the aforementioned refill tank). Was a near-basket case when I got it. Took all the brass down to brass and refinished the (oak?) stock, pad installed to deal with the punishing recoil of this formidable weapon (or maybe because the original was missing). Ollie Damon replaced all seals. Very accurate and very powerful, with a power selector dial where the "cocking piece" of a real bolt-action would be. At highest power, the shooter can count on about 20 shots of consistent pressure. (More at lower power)

Legend has it that Crosman bought boxcar loads of these tanks (or similar) that were GI surplus from WWII used for filling rubber rafts. Then he designed a gun to run on them.

The Benjamin Model 132 .22 caliber pistol (wood grips: early model?) was purchased at a garage sale for $7. Operational in every respect. I nearly wore it out because it makes the perfect "parlor gun" for shooting indoors. Accuracy is equal or better than fine .22LR target pistols at its range, and so is the trigger.
Ollie Damon then replaced the seals and re-braised the barrel/action superstructure to the pump cylinder where it had started to fail.

Both guns see regular work on vermin on the place.
Frank RW

Frank RW

I use the catch-em lead from our club to supplement my BP casting. All good stuff from Handler & Nattermann...
I've been saving up my lead for someone who would use it. Dunno why, but feels better than just throwing it into a landfill.

Meanwhile, makes for a pretty background in a couple pics I took with 'em... :)



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