What would you do?

false flag if i ever saw one. Antifa wouldn't bother letting you know what they're up to. Sounds like all the antifa witch hunting associated with the wildfires.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Probably this.

99% of this stuff you see on the internet vilifying one side or the other is total B.S. Don't buy into the disinformation.

But to answer the question if it did show up at my house...I'd call the police, file a report, and keep a close watch on my place.
False flag was my first thought too, until I thought about people I know who have been so worked up with hate and anger, seething with TDS. It wouldn’t surprise me either way. I wouldn’t discount the possibility that it’s an angry leftist’s attempt at voter intimidation. I would not believe that it’s a legitimate Antifa warning. No, they wouldn’t give warning.

Without proof of who’s sending these, and their motives, it a big nothing. Even with proof, whether false flag or attempted voter intimidation, it’s still pretty much nothing. There are enough fired-up extremists out there now that anything is possible.

You’d think that politics would be a rational, logical sport, but like religion and ideology in general, it’s actually more emotional. We all have different voices we listen to and sources we trust. Those are typically the basis for our beliefs, even more so than personal experience, intelligence, or education.

How many times have you thought “How can the other side be so stupid?!”
Well, they’re not. They just listen to different voices and trust different sources. Some people get worked up to where they tune out anything but radical voices on their side, and become radicalized. Seems like there’s a lot of that going around, and it’s scary. No matter what any of us want to believe, it happens plenty on both sides. It does seem to have gone mainstream on the left in recent years, and they don’t even realize it. :(


Consider this - while not 'threatening' most all residents in my subdivision recently received a very formal looking letter, along with a purchase agreement, from a company out of La Jolla, CA with an offer to buy our properties for the fantastic sum of $14,027 each !

I tracked this person down and, discovered he has a youtube account, a website etc. and appears to be 'legit' but he is young and looks like he is trying to broker bare land. He also lives in a very small apartment.

I sent him an email message and explained to him several of my neighbors were concerned about this and I was making contact to inform him these are DEVELOPED properties - and I included his offer wouldn't buy our driveways. I also added undeveloped lots in this area are also worth considerably more than his offer as well. I suggested he do a better job of researching properties as this was disconcerting to my neighbors and some considered it a scam.

He responded with a very humble message apologizing the letters were incorrectly sent and to disregard them.


Turbo_vanner said:
false flag if i ever saw one. Antifa wouldn't bother letting you know what they're up to. Sounds like all the antifa witch hunting associated with the wildfires. I wouldn't worry about it.
Because they are your friends and allies maybe?
Normal people are worried. We've seen city council deconstruct our police department to insure total chaos for the last 10 months - almost like it's a plan...? (Well, it is in the ol' Marxist textbooks anyways...)
And the plan is working! Demoralize officers, instill fear into the populous and scream about lack of oversight?
I keep hearing, "fear us - we are the future!" at all these riots screamed by black masked violent people taking up arms and arson against the general public.
Guess what?
People are taking it all seriously now.



Off the top of my head :

Report it to the police....

Make a copy of the letter....

Keep a little closer watch on my house / neighborhood...

Make sure my security systems are in place , up to date with batteries and the like , etc....

If possible stay home a few days after the election....

Do what I needed to do to be prepared ...but not live my life in fear....
I am doing this even though I have not received such a letter. I consider it prudent behavior in these strange times.


I would do what I have already done:

Fill enough sandbags to have firing position in each room/window.

Link up with local gun owning neighors to form a QRF.

Set up fall back bug out positions.

Reinforce,expand, repair fencing.

Buy barbed wire, and aquire lumber for fortifications, hesco barriers, etc.

Invest in body armor, suppresors, high quality lights, magazines and bubblegum load of barrier blind ammo.

Buy fire extinguishers, and set up hoses on all sides of the house.

So, Bring it? I guess? LOL!


First they have to find my place, then come in on a single game trail or down a long driveway. Otherwise they can hack through blackberry thickets and be zeroed if they manage.

FYI, apparently if you've donated to Trump (me) they have doxed you/us, so be careful just in case.
It’s fake.
And everyone on this site knows I blow chunks at grammar. But even I saw that letter had grammar issues. Every liberal I know is awesome at grammar.
As far as what would I do?


As others have stated, false flag or just getting a rise in people. It's going both ways, there are democrats reporting getting phone calls threating them that if they don't vote for Trump they'll be targeted... even going as to far as saying "change your party affiliation to republican to signal to us that you understand".

Honestly, it's warehouses full of foreign bots trying to cede a bigger divide among the greatest nation in the history of the world. Hate to say, it's working.

No one who genuinely wants to harm you, is going to give you time to prepare :D


While it may be a flag, it could be real. There is always a grain of truth to these stories.

I think we all know somebody who is batbubblegum crazy enough to attack somebody over a political ideology that differs from their own. Lets be real here and really think about the thousands who rioted in the streets, the videos of people saying that conservatives and republican's should be put in internment camps. YouTube is blocking me right now from the videos that show this.

There is a thread on this site right now about a lunatic individual who made claims similar to the ones on this paper. It does not take much for an idea to be put into action.

Steps are as follows:
1: create a gap between individuals
2: dehumanize, remove all humanity from the individual or group
3: claim moral high ground
4: view opponent as something (not someone) who needs to be eliminated
5: eliminate opponent without any remorse

Not that hard. We have the BlackBloc already calling names, removing humanity and threats of their opponents needing to be eliminated.

Mythbusters says: Plausible


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