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    So a couple years ago I buy this beat up Remington 870 Express Magnum off a forum member (got a GREAT PRICE even considering the condition) Had a couple projects in mind that it would work for. Ended up completely the projects a completely different way and decided to fix this one up into a field gun. Along the way I picked up a Nice 28" Rem Choke 3" barrel from another foum member again for a great price.

    So left over from building a real pretty Home Defense 870 (made my own duplicate of a Corncob forestock and stripped down and cut down a nice Wingmaster butt stock giving both a Oil finish)

    I ended up with a very pretty early 60's Wingmaster stock set. So I decided to do a nice smooth Duracoat finish on the gun. Pulled it all apart. Worked my excustom knifemaker magic on the receiver making it perfectly flat on the sides and prefectly smooth and round on the top.

    I took the trigger assembly apart as far as I could.

    Anyway all the parts are painted. The paint job came out nice I have waited 5 days before I start to put it together and I start with the trigger assembly.

    Luckily I have one to help remember how all the little parts go back together. Well I get to a little flat bent wire spring listed as the Action Bar Lock Spring. And I notice it looks a lot different on the assembled working trigger group I have then the one I took apart.

    Turns out the spring is busted in half. Had I not taken the trigger asembly apart I never would have found that.

    As luck would have it a local gunsmith has one in stock so a short car ride and a few bucks and the project is back on track.

    Photos to follow when the gun is back in hunting condition.

    Edit: back from the gunsmith new spring cost all of $2.25 took about 20 min to figure out how to wiggle it into place with out stressing it. Trigger assembly all back together except the safety and safety detent. Waiting for the wife to get up from a nap so I can borrow some Hot Red fingernail polish to color the little ring on the safety then I can put it all together.
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    There's a certain measure of satisfaction in knowing that you did it yourself. Well done.

    A friend once asked if I knew anything about 94 Winchesters. He ended up bringing over a box and several ziplock bags of parts, didn't see that one coming. After some serious teeth gnashing and wailing I managed to get it all back together into its former working state. He told me it had been taken apart years before and forgotten about due to the frustration of a plethora of individual parts and not remembering what went where. Its not something one should start if their not sure. Congrats on the culmination of your project:thumbup:

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