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    Comment on this https://www.washingtonpost.com/news...01/the-costs-and-consequences-of-gun-control/
    article from the Washington Post:

    8:28 AM PST

    Sure, more spending on mental health issues would be great, but completely sane and reasonable gun owners are a threat to sane and reasonable non-gun owners nationwide, not to mention their children and loved ones. Gun control efforts are meager because stronger measures would be impossible to pass, no matter how well they could work.

    No doubt Cato, like libertarians everywhere, demands more mental health spending in lieu of gun control, while also demanding government cut spending to Medicaid and other gvt. programs that actually provide mental health support. This con is getting old."

    Italics are mine.

    Wow, I didn't realize that sane and responsible people could be so destructive! :eek:
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    They are all completely evil! Evil to the point of insanity! Why, they won't even listen to Hollywood stars who are on TV and in the movies! They don't even respect our beloved President, and that's simply racist! They are ignorant and unwashed!
    It is not truly known how these redneck hillbillies came to be! A dominant theory is generations of close relationship with firearms has warped them forever. It's so much worse since those black machine guns arrived on the scene! They actually talk with each other! Can you imagine? We actually sit next to these horrible people and they're guns when we are in public places! Oh, please, I'm going to stop now before I faint! More later!

    That's how these silly saps that suffer from Dependent Personality Disorder feel about us!:mad:
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  3. mrblond

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    I find those words offensive and they hurt my precious feelings. Now I think I am going to need to go to my safe space.
  4. etrain16

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    Yep, we're all bad guys, just for existing. What's really sad is how many people out there - voters and politicians - that believe that way.
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    Yup, we're the bad guys in their respective view, that is until a real bad guy shows up... Then they're looking for us, with our guns, to protect them and put an end to the real bad guys...

  6. Mark W.

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    YEP 80+ Million pissed off gun Owners. Wanna come spank me and see how far your agenda gets you? I wasn't a criminal before the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA or GCA68) and I'm still not now. I wish these morons would come up with a new hobby.
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