WTS/WTT WA Vietnam Era MCI and a Half

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    For the uninformed an MCI stands for "Meal, Combat, Individual". They replaced the fabled C-ration of the World War/Korean War eras in 1958 and contained roughly 1200 Calories. Mine came in a set of Vietnam-era goodness, which I will list separately. The MCI is not as-issued, as several various components have been switched. It now consists of:
    - Hickory Smoked Cheddar cheese spread
    - Caraway Cheese Spread
    - Boned Turkey
    -Sliced Ham
    - 2 B-3 Units (Crackers and hard candy)
    - The accessory packet (Water-resistant matches, Chewing gum, Toilet paper, Instant coffee, Cream substitute, Sugar, Salt)

    It was originally issued as:
    - Boned Chicken
    - Bread, White
    - Cookies (4)
    - Cocoa Beverage Powder
    - Jam
    - Apple
    - Berry
    - Grape
    - Mixed Fruit
    - Strawberry Candy
    - Accessory Pack

    It is obvious someone did a bit of mixing and matching as The Ham belongs to the B-1 unit, and the Boned Turkey to another meal unit my records aren`t showing. They were also only supposed to come with one can of cookies and candy, and one cheese. Since this is nearly 2 complete MCIs (a portion of the original box will be included), and as prices can only be made from individual cans, I would consider $75 a fair price, offers will be accepted. I will be interested in trades, primarily for .223/5.56 ammo, AR mags and related gear. Pictures will be provided upon request, I think the files are too large

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