Videotape All Gun Sales?

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    Videotape All Gun Sales? – Rahm Emanuel’s Mobster Chicago

    by Administrator on May 28, 2014


    Chicago’s Mayor, former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, has a new plan for Chicago since losing the case banning all gun stores. Now that they have been ordered by a Federal Court to abolish the law within six months of the January ruling, the hard part will now be coming up with moonbat restrictions to make both owning and visiting a gun store in Chicago a nightmare.

    The plan has to be submitted by July 14th of this year, so they are wasting no time at this point.

    Among the new restrictions:

    • All sales will be videotaped.
    • 72-hour waiting period for handguns, 24-hour waiting period for rifles/shotguns.
    • One handgun per month limit per dealer per person.
    • Quarterly audits for the gun shop
    • A specification for lighting, security cameras and inventory storage.
    • Police will approve security plan
    • Fingerprints, background and training for all store employees
    • Business closed for three years for violations
    • No stores near schools, or … parks(??) A moose once bit my sister.

    He called the new rules “a smart, tough and enforceable way to prevent illegal guns in the city of Chicago,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

    According to the full Chicago Tribune article:

    “Still, it’s unclear how much such rules would curb Chicago’s gun violence. Police say they pull about 7,000 guns off the city’s streets each year, with many of the weapons used in crimes finding their way into Chicago from stores in the suburbs, in Indiana or in southern states. Chicago also banned handgun ownership for decades and the gun violence continued.”

    The article goes on to recognize that Chicago has tried all kinds of crazy stuff to keep guns off of its streets, but none of it has worked. The paper even has the guts to say “For Emanuel, it’s important to be viewed as taking the issue seriously.” In other words, they know it is just political posturing now that Rahm doesn’t get his way.

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