Vid - Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment

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    6,484 Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment: Derek Carver, Megan Carson, Aaron Zober, Amber Engelmann, Drew Nicolello, Gilliam Taylor Jones, Karen Ripenburg, Scott Madden, Zach Green: Movies & TV

    A friend recommended this to me:
    "The experiment begins when nine ordinary people are abandoned off in Central Alaska with only a few essential supplies and a goal to make it back to civilization. Alaska wastes no time testing their wilderness experience and severe hunger sets in."

    If you have Amazon Prime, it appears you can watch the series for free.

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    I say an add for this show and it looked like it would be interesting to see. I saw another show where it did something similar but it was if modern people could adapt to live like their stone age ancestors and it was interesting to see who could knuckle down and do what had to be done and who folded and how hard it was for them to find food.
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    It's been on netflix for years. Good stuff.

    They also have Out of the Wild: Venezuela which is on netflix.

    Well... yes and no. Part of what you're paying for is access to their streaming videos. It's also $79 to get going, so it's not exactly free.
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    think they have been running both series on nat geo wild or one of the other channels in the history/animal planet/discovery area.

    The south American one had a park ranger from southern OR on the team - early on she decided to drink directly from stream water rather than using the water filter they had in their stores and paid for the mistake.

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