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    Got this email from Mike Cafferata, Forest Grove District Forester. Contact him if you can help! Be sure to let him know you saw this on Northwest Firearms web site organization.

    Fire watch patrols...

    Will any of you be in the Tillamook Forest over the summer and be willing to swing through our some of these areas?

    Hi all,

    First, thank you very much for your responses to my letter on recreational target shooting. I appreciated the thoughtful responses. I've gotten about a half dozen responses and also watched a discussion board. After a few more days, I'll summarize and report what we heard.

    You also offered to help if there were things that would contribute to fire-safe recreational shooting. This is an email to enquire about help over this busy holiday weekend.

    Temperatures are expected to rise and humidity will drop - the fuels will be very receptive to sparks. I'm looking to recruit some volunteers to watch for fires in areas with high levels of recreational shooting. Will any of you be in the Tillamook Forest over the weekend and be willing to swing through our some of these areas, perhaps Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons/evenings? It would be great if we could have a handful of helpers that could assist in watching for fires, and possibly helping the shooting public recognize the risks.

    We have not recruited volunteers for this type of effort, so I'm not sure what to expect... if any of you are interested, or know of others that are, I'll work to figure out the what/when/where.

    I'm also looking for some good fliers that perhaps we could organize to get into the hands of people that sell ammunition to spread the word about the risks.


    Mike Cafferata
    Forest Grove District Forester
    503-359-7430 Work
    503-961-2022 Cell
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