The Roseburg Rally

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    The Roseburg Rally

    Tammy Jackson wrote a great essay on the Roseburg rally with some super photography.
    The rally was completely peaceful. Actually it was subdued. I told my son in jest that it needed a few firecrackers to liven it up a bit. The pro gun control blogs are misrepresenting that it was "raucous and boisterous” which is a total lie. I have never read comments that were as vitriolic and hate filled as on those sites. They are probably reacting to the national publicity this event has received as a result of Obama shooting himself in the foot by discharging his mouth. One mainstream media reporter wrote that half the signs displayed were welcome Obama signs which was an outright lie. There may have been a few. I don’t remember seeing any. Nor were any counter protestors evident. If they were there they were keeping quiet. There was one report of a female gun control advocate becoming violent.

    A couple of other tid bits for you to chew on; The father of one of the students that was killed who made a pro gun statement after the shooting was denied entrance by the Secret Service to the parents meeting with Obama. I am coming to meet privately with the grieving parents, those who agree with my political agenda,,,,that is.

    My son was telling me before the Roseburg shooting occurred that the secret service is now carrying FMP 90 full automatic mini assault rifles that can be easily concealed and have a 50 round high capacity magazine. This may have been the gun that was seen through the back hatch of the SUV that was following the president in the motorcade. There is also an SUV that follows the Obama limo that is fitted with a Dillon Areo Gatling gun that emerges through bat wing doors on top of the vehicle. (Would that be considered concealed carry?) This gun spews out a fountain of spent brass. This is probably the most well armed presidential hypocrite in the history of our country.

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