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Teaching students that...

Cerberus Group
I made them and are used in both pistol and rifle Run the Gun classes.

Folks are used to straight on flat shooting, or moving off the spot, but not having to add angles in the mix, and shooting center mass isn't always 100%:accurate.

This is standard training here.
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Cerberus Group
I can recall my first exposure to Louis Awerbuck and his target manipulations. We all turned our backs to the targets and it sounded like he was wadding up and tearing the paper targets. On his signal we turned around and engaged...there was a lot of hesitation down the line that first time. As all the paper targets were folded, some parts torn off and all placed on the backers at odd positions along with the target stand being angled.

As he pointed out, one can spend a lot of money on fancy and moving targets, but in the end nothing will replicate the movement of the human body. So the best we can do is mix it up and present to the shooter something they've experienced little of...angles!

I introduce my students to such things with my Run the Gun classes, and before taking the class most think its a basic course. To me it is, as I firmly believe there are certain things every shooter needs to know from the start...but after two days, none have said this was a basic course.

Guess I need to rework the description a bit.


If nothing else , the practice of angled targets , crumbled targets , torn targets etc can:
Demonstrate that what you expect to see , ain't always the case ...or conversely that the brain "sees" things the way it wants or expects , but isn't how it actually is....
Very good training, for sure. How many "bad guys" are going to stand square to a shooter? : ) Our local IDPA evening match (and the bigger Saturday ones) at times will black out portions of the targets (simulated hard cover) to force shooters to be more accurate, helps but of course isn't the same as the types mentioned above. All good stuff! Cheers -


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