Tabuk Build Log – The Barrel

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    As promised, the next installment of the Tabuk build log involves actually building the rifle. It’s been a long road to collect all of the parts for this build, but I’m far enough along that I can actually start working on the sub-assemblies for the rifle. The most challenging part of this build will most likely be setting up the semi-virgin barrel, so that’s where I decided to start.

    Lots of pictures over at the blog – learned a lot of things so far as well, including making sure that you have all of the parts on in order because it’s awfully hard to get the sling swivel and lower handguard retainer on AFTER the gas block (*cough* and front sight *cough*) – go figure. Of course, never having had to start with an unassembled barrel – it’s easy to forget those minor (!) details.

    At this point I’m waiting for a couple of parts (rear sight block pin, front plunge pin (detent) and spring) and I need to find someone in the greater Portland Oregon area that can help me spot weld the rail to the receiver.

    Lots more here:

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