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    Anyone out there know anything about swaging your own?

    I was watching a video for edge dies where the die maker was using 22lr brass to create brass swagged bullets and I was lusting after a set of the dies after half way though.

    Anyone know the costs and requirements to do your own? It looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe not as fast as just buying some... but damn it I love to recycle and the opportunity to recycle endless 22lr brass into something useful appeals to me at a deep level .
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    Corbin makes bullet swaging equipment.
    Has lots of information on the website.
    I use his chemicals in my rifle barrels.
    The cost to do it well starts about $800 according to Corbin's prices
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    Corbin, RCE, Hollywood all make swaging dies, however they are asking some seriously HIGH prices for everything when it comes to swaging.

    My suggestion... go hit up the guys on the castboolits forum, they have a whole section that's dedicated to swaging. There is also constant talk about die making going on there.

    Thing is, once you really get into it, going to all the trouble to anneal, derim/etc the .22LR, I really wonder if it would be easier to just make your own jackets.

    Also, if you do go with corbin's stuff, he sells all the "supplies" at a serious premium, sierra, berger, and others also sell raw bullet jackets, there's a place up in everett that sells lead wire etc etc. I would recommend you start with the castboolits people. There's some guys there that know multiples of what I know, and that's saying a lot.
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    I shoot Bullseye with Dave Corbin..in addition to being an impossibly good shot, he is perhaps one of the nicest human beings I have ever met. Just sayin'

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