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I am curious as to how others store all of the SHTF supplies...mostly because I am trying to come up with some ideas for mine.

I would love to have a setup like Burts from the movie 'Tremors' but the expense would be too great I'm afraid:(

Currently I just have these packed and on the garage shelf
Plastic totes with snap-on lids work just fine. They are cheap and durable and stackable, and you can write the contents on the side with a magic marker. They dont weigh nearly as much as ammo boxes or crates. You can keep the contents dry simply by lining the tote with a plastic garbage bag. They can also be pressed into emergency service as temporary water containers, washbasins, ice chests or even fuel containers if need be. If you are worried about the lids popping off, they can be secured with duct tape or zip ties.

I see the big ones on sale at BiMart all the time for $5.99
The ammo boxes are definitely heavy, that and they dont hold very much. That is why I am looking to change my methods, I am out of room in the boxes.
Im collecting the large rolling tots sold by homedepot. they are big takes two to load a heavy one. but IM I only need 3 or 4 and they will go right in my 4x4 van. if the van cant get wear we are going, then we have personal packs that are good for a few days. I can stash my totes or burry tham and retun later.

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