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Steyr Mannlicher

Does anyone here reload for the Steyr 8x56R? I picked one up last week on gun broker pending getting it here. I already have almost 200 pieces of new brass. Trying to figure out what to start with. I’m going to slug the barrel before I do anything. Thanks
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Bullets in 329 diameter, are avai!able. Not many options. Buffalo bullets is where I found them. Check headspace. Be careful. Had a few of these back when they could be had cheap, bores were hit and miss. After electrically cleaning a bore that looked just dirty serious deep long pitting was revealed.
The others were just dark. I really hate corrosive ammo.

Regardless they were cool rifles. I had to get away from shooting them though, the recoil was too much for my old shoulder. Honestly they kick like a Missouri mule. More so than an '06.

Getting back to bullets, iirc you can get swaging dies to modify pistol bullets. Don't remember which caliber.
Bullet Sizing Kit .329 - Lee Precision

IMR 3031 would be a good choice for powder. I have data but would feel better if you didn't get it from me. Sorry but I just don't know what your experience level is.
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Check your bore diameter. Mine is .3295 and shoots .330 diameter just fine.

I would reduce all these loads by a few grains to start. But these are not hot loads at all.

206 grain SPP from Graf .330 diameter
41.0gr Rx15
Fed 210 primer

205 grain SP from Graf .330 diameter
IMR 4064 45.2gr
Federal 210 primer

205gr RNGC ( round nose gas checked) cast Alox lube
.330 diameter
2400 22.2gr
Federal 210 primer
I cast and powder coat gas-checked bullets. I'd have to look up the powder charge, but I think my load was about 3/4 power, much more pleasant to shoot.


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