Spyder Compound Bow for Sale

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    The bow I am selling is a few years old, but in outstanding condition. I am selling it because life has changed (due to injury) and I don't hold onto things that I can't use. I never used this bow for hunting, but rather for the satisfaction of precision target shooting. All total, this bow has been brought to the range less than a dozen times.

    As for bow-tech-speak, there's not a whole lot I can say. If memory serves correctly, it has 55# of tension and is a perfect fit, size-wise, for my 5'4" frame. This bow could be perfect for someone close to my stature.

    At $200, I am asking for less than half of its original purchase price, so if you're interested in this bow, please call me at 503-477-4568(H) or 503-329-2935(C); or email me at [mjshaw33168@yahoo.com].

    I have photos available for you to look at at you like. Email me your interest and I will send them to you. Also, I am located in NE Portland (close-in) and would be happy to meet you in person if you would like to examine the bow.

    Dear Administrators,

    Forgive me if I am not posting this advertisement in the proper location, but I did not see a non-firearm weapons classified section. I was invited to check your site out and list my bow here... :)

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    Fixed ;)
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    I am interested in your bow. I may be too big for it though. What is the draw weight and draw length? Could you shoot me some pics via email. Thanks

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