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    First off I am getting out of reloading,this sale has nothing to do with the quality of this AWESOME press

    For sale is my press,6 or 7 tool heads with dies (9mm,38/357,40/10mm,45ACP,308.556) in all but 2.
    Powder thru dies for all but 1 tool head.2 powder silos,one with large bar for rifle measure and 1 with small bar for pistol measures.
    2 primer feeds,1 for large and 1 for small,this way you don't rebuilt it every time just take out 2 screws
    Extra part kit and 6? primer pick up tubes

    So the total of just the Dillon parts would be $2300 retail All the Diloon equipment is included
    My price for the whole kit and 4k primers,some powder(negotiable),and all the dies
    that are loaded in the plated now will be
    $2000........This goes as a kit and you can sell off what you don't need

    The rest of the powder and primers will be for sale after the press has been sold.That buyer has first dibs
    Over $4000 invested in all my reloading equipment and components.Make an offer on the whole thing
    I can deliver to Kitsap Co after funds have been exchanged

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s236.photobucket.com/user/mjbogrand/embed/slideshow/guns 4 sale/reloading"></iframe>
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