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You guys realize this kind of thing is SOP in WA.gov, right? If you can’t get legislation, you get policy from an agency. This creates the agency. The WA State Institute of Public Policy examines policies to determine if they are evidence based before they are allowed to be implemented and funded. WA agencies have been lying and skewing numbers and getting caught at it with no penalty.
That SHOULD be scandalous.
It SHOULD trigger an investigation of Ferguson and the various money-trails that lead to bought and paid for legislators.
It SHOULD result in multiple recalls and ouster.
They SHOULD all subsequently be prosecuted.

Aw c'mon, Yuma... that's how things are DONE.

Yeah... but it SHOULDN'T be.

Check this out then! The WA Dept. of Corrections decided they wanted to be a trend setter with behavioral therapy and got some money for a pilot project. WSU was tasked with compiling data and said that it takes X-number of years and cases to have statistically reliable data.

The state just came out of the recession and was bringing in tax revenue, so there was a money grab from all the state agencies. The person in charge of the DOC pilot project somehow came up with “data” stating there was a 75% reduction in violent infractions with the new project. She used that data to testify to get the project fully funded, creating positions statewide with salaries in the $80k for the people “facilitating” the classes. That’s a key word, because they don’t teach (which requires education and credentials). They facilitate based on a rigid curriculum from the feds. They LITERALLY read from a manual and write down what the students say on poster board and the share in a big circle. That gets you an $80k salary.

So, a whistleblower from WSU filed a complaint that none of the protocols were followed and the head of the project was notified prior to her testifying that her numbers were dramatically wrong and the real data showed NO statistical change in violence. Therefore, she had lied to secure millions in funding.

She was defended by the D-AG, in front of the D-Legislature, and was absolved of any wrong doing. The R side has tried to initiate and investigation as the minority party and have been predictably unsuccessful.


Im not surprised I thought it was common knowledge democrats dont care about facts.
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