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Shoulder X-ray, anyone have tendons repaired?


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I’ve dislocated this shoulder a few times ( 8+ ). As of lately it’s started to hurt a little more. It’s pretty loose in the joint.
Went to the doc and she said hmmmm that looks like it has seen some abuse. You need an mri on that. 2846B2FA-4488-4489-B47A-294D3898741C.jpeg

Capn Jack

YUP ! Been there, done that. Tore a tendon loose in the left one, pulling my pressure washer back onto the dock after it walked off into 13" of water.
They reattached the tendon and the worse part of the recovery was trying to sleep in a reclining chair. Those buggers don't bend where I do. Still
hurts from time to time.

Working on the right shoulder now. Small tear in one of the mussels. Trying therapy. Same pressure washer. This time it backfired and tried to yank my arm into
the starter along with the rope. Doctor says, "Maybe I should buy a pressure washer with a self starter on it."
Prayers for a good recovery. You have me beat by several dislocations; mine has been pretty controlled for the past few decades. No fights, rock climbing or skiing accidents!

User 1234

Too much 30-06 time!

Seriously though I would do the MRI even if it costs a decent co pay. The images that the doctors see (especially if contrast dye is used) are amazing and can help you avoid unnecessary surgery. Many people have told me that the recovery from shoulder surgeries is difficult, so if there is any chance that an MRI will counsel in favor of physical therapy instead of “let’s operate!” then it is worth it. And if the MRI shows a problem that only surgery can improve then it can help the surgeon plan a proper approach.
Don’t do it!
Live in ignorance!
Been here!
Done that!
Hurts like a mother bear!!!
AND, I got a PE in my lung that almost killed me from the surgery.


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I’ve dislocated this shoulder a few times ( 8+ ). As of lately it’s started to hurt a little more. It’s pretty loose in the joint.
tip from personal history:
My own injury 50+ years ago, series of dislocations, feared the approach surgeon advocated then. Lived with periodic instability. Had 20 good years without much trouble. That was then. More recently surgery is looking like 'maybe not all downside'....

putting it off isn't going to gain you much;
and big bore rifles are now just one of the things that makes Mr. Shoulder announce his displeasure with my attempts to do a lotta stuff...

Find a really good surgeon. Treat your shoulder like a really rare collectors item.
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I had this problem happen when I was doing PT for my lower back, I reached up for the bar on the weight machine and heard a POP (yeah, it was that loud). PT tech about bubblegummed!!!
My surgery involved a complete reconstruction which required certain nerves to be severed by the surgeon who explained it completely.

Good luck to you Tim


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Tendons repaired?
December of 2015 I went in and had a 'cleanup' done on the left shoulder. They took out a lot of frayed tendons, removed some bone spurs and tried their best to clean up that pocket for ease of the future.

While it helped, the left shoulder was not as bad as the right and I didn't want to screw up the right shoulder as I'm strong right handed. I will say that now after almost 4 years, the left shoulder is about back to where the right one is. Albeit not always in pain or inflammation like the right, it does give us some good noises and I don't seem to have as much impingement issues as the right.

My supraspinatus is what had the majority of problems.

I've received multiple cortisone shots and none have lasted very long. I did have relief once for about a year, the shortest relief was 6 weeks. This is including shots on both shoulders. No grease fitting has been installed yet.


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This is what the surgeon dig out of my shoulder joint. Along with half a dozen smaller pieces.
No more popping grindy feeing.
Just over 20 years ago I tore a bicep and detached the tendon. great surgeon (pro sports lucky).

PT afterwards is the key...lots of pain if you want mobility. Per the surgeon back then after the PT I got back to 95%+. No problems since then after all these years.
Holy-moley! That's like finding big metal chunks in your oil pan!
Glad the surgery went well.
PT, and strongly recommend Iyengar Yoga. The first gets you strong and healthy, the second keeps you aligned, limber and strong.


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